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Twin Light District Klondike Derby

posted Jan 7, 2015, 6:15 PM by James Borg
klondike patch editedThe Klondike Permission slip is due at the Tuesday January 13 Troop Meeting

There is no charge for this event.   The troop will cover the registration cost. There will be no transportation charge (although drivers ARE needed), as the event is close to home (Quail Hill), and no food money is needed as scouts MUST BRING THEIR LUNCH w/WATER and will be home for dinner.

The Klondike Derby challenges Webelos and Boy Scouts in a variety of tasks from fire building and teamwork to first-aid and problem solving. Scouts work in patrols that travel across the frozen tundra to different “towns” to complete their tasks, earning points on teamwork, efficiency of task, and timing.
Adult volunteers are needed for the event. We will be running the town of Nome (the cooking town), and the youth staff, along with adult volunteers, will be scoring patrols as they come into the town.Bring your chair, bring your lunch, bring a can of chicken noodle soup, dress warm, and spend the day with us!
If you will be driving let us know how many seats you have available at the next Troop Meeting.
James Borg,
Jan 7, 2015, 6:15 PM